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Operation Launch is for businesses looking to start completely from scratch and ready to elevate their Brand to the next level. This project consists of four phases.


Phase 1: Brand Strategy

During this phase, we conduct a strategy call in which we discuss the who, what, why, and how for your brand. We study color psychology and typography as it pertains to your brand. Then, we deep dive into your brand’s mood. Is it giving feminine? Kiddie? Corporate? Bold? Serene? After that, we identify your Brand’s target audience and mission statement. These developments are combined into a Magazine or Brochure depending on the industry.



  • Brand Magazine or Brochure


Phase 2: Brand Design

The most important part of your Brand is your Logo. The first ID of your Brand. Logos can be used in different settings i.e. Websites, Documents, Watermarks, or Merchandise. Therefore, we produce a Logo Suite for your Brand containing a Main Logo, Secondary Logo, and a Favicon Logo. Then, we determine which website platform is most suitable for your needs and build and customize your website up to 6 pages from scratch. This includes Basic SEO set-up and Product/Service upload, descriptions for

up to 15, and optimization for mobile devices. This does not include management of Domain or Website subscriptions. The Brand Design Phase also includes Business Card Design with 100 prints, 4 E-Flyers, Menu or Pricelist Design, Packaging Design (Tag, Label, Mailer), One Logo Merchandise Design (T-Shirt, Hoodie, Mug, etc.)



  • Logo suite
  • Full Web Development
  • 100 Business Cards
  • 4 E-Flyers
  • Menu or Pricelist
  • Packaging Design
  • Merchandise Design


Phase 3: Content Planning

So how do we get your Brand out there? How do we introduce your Brand to your audience? What is the Launch Plan? What events can we market from? How should we schedule your Brand’s appearance? We will also create a content kit consisting of flyers, posts, and stories.



  • Launch Kit
  • Content Schedule
  • Content Kit


Phase 4: Business Coaching

We did it! So, let’s see this through. TGP wants you and your business to succeed so we want to send you off in the best way. Warning: Serious Pep Talk will occur. No seriously, we want to congratulate you and motivate you on your way up. It’s really only up from here!

After 30 days, we will check in and see how things are going. Need some help? Need some motivation? We’ve got you.

Need to Phone a Friend? Call me! The Pro Project includes a 60 day retainer for business mentoring. You

will be entitled to 2 free calls within the 60 day window.


FREE Gift Included!


Deposit: 25%

*Deposit is applied to the cost of service. Remaining balance due on or before completion date.


Turnaround Time: 8-12 Weeks

Pro Project

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