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transparent policies


For tracking and reference purposes, our primary method of communication will be by email.

We will direct phone calls for consultations, strategy calls, and mentoring sessions only. 

Inquiries can be made through any TGP chat platform i.e. Facebook, Instagram,, Text, and Chat. Response times are subject normal business hours only, despite the method of contact. Should you receive communication outside of this time frame, please note, the response policy still applies. 


We recommend submitting an inquiry and/or consultation call to determine if TGP best suits your needs.

Upon confirmation of service, you are required to post a balance for your service and enter a contract with the company for your project. This does not pertain to individual services totaling less than $500. For services of lesser value, the full amount is required to book. The contract will include the project breakdown and terms and conditions for services. Upon completion of the project, your contract will be closed and you will be required to enter contract for any package moving forward. This protects you (the client) as well as the company from any disruption of service.

Beyond submission of forms and consultation, the designer will only contact you if there are any questions and when drafts are ready for review.


Before a service begins, you must sign and submit our contract and acknowledge our policies. This is an agreement between the client and the company that will outline expectations for the project.

Client Data.

A Client's data is requested at the start of any service. This is a detailed description of your ideas, including any content and attachments. Client data is due within 48 hours of booking a service and can delay turnaround time. We suggest booking when Client Data is readily available as delay of submission may result in cancellation of service. 

We DO NOT Freestyle. Data must be as descriptive as possible. We are a creative company, however, our job is to provide service as it best meets the client's needs. Services are available to help you brainstorm ideas for an additional fee. This prevents delays as well as unsatisfactory services.

Project Release.

Your balance must be paid in full before any product of service may be released.

The client may receive files in PNG, JPG, and PDF format in color, black, and white, with black, white, and transparent backgrounds via email provided. File Formats vary by service. Additional files are available upon request and may acquire an additional fee.

Clients will be allotted 48 hours to provide feedback, request changes, or approve design. Failure to do so will result in order completion and finalized as is.


All services are nonrefundable. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Unsatisfactory services may be resolved by offering a discount on future services at the service provider's discretion.

If the client chooses to hire another provider, initiates service on their own, or disputes charge, it will be considered a breech of contract and the order will be terminated with NO refund.


Turnaround Time.

Turnaround time for services may vary depending on the size of project, business hours, holidays, and other external factors. Business days do NOT include holidays/weekends.

Turnaround time begins promptly when full payment or deposit is received and contract, design forms, and Client data are submitted.

Revisions acquire an additional 3-5 business days per revision.

Drafts and communication may be sent outside of work days and business hours, however this does not affect turnaround.

The Priority Delivery option is available at checkout. This fee guarantees draft submission within 72 hours. *Excludes packages*

Shipping and Returns.

Upon completion of projects, designs are processed through third-party vendors. You will be provided tracking information as it is produced by the shipping partner. If you experience delay of delivery, you should follow up with the shipping partner to retrieve updates. Should you find a problem with your custom order, our company will do our best to resolve the issue.

We do not except returns or exchanges for TGP merchandise.


Please note, we maintain copyrights of our intellectual property.​ All services by TGP are not to be manipulated, resold, or copied. TGP reserves the right to cancel any order placed by a client who violates these terms and conditions.


Please refer to our employment section located at the foot of the page to learn about career opportunities.

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