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The Group Project was created to be a collaboration where individuals share their talents and ideas to achieve a common goal. Everything is better when we work together. The Group Project started as a branding company but our end goal is to be much more. In the end, TGP's goal is to be a network connecting brands and businesses all over the world.

The Group Project was founded by Kristionna Sampson from a little town in Georgia by the name of Sylvania. Sylvania is made up of less than 3,000 residents. Though her entrepreneurial journey did not begin there. Kristionna was a military brat and left her hometown at the age of 16. She graduated high school in El Paso, TX. Immediately after graduating, she enrolled in college for B.A. Fashion Design. She completed 2 semesters and hit a stump. Not knowing what it is that she truly wanted to do, she moved back with her parents in the summer of 2017. She then attended Paul Mitchell to become a licensed esthetician. It was only a short time that she practiced before she decided to join the United States Air Force. After some sacrifices, discipline, and service, Kristionna tapped in to who she wanted to be. An entrepreneur.

Words from the owner:

"As a little girl, my dream was to be a teacher. I would play school with my cousins and friends and I would get into full blown character. I would write out worksheets of practice questions and quizzes, I would grade them, I would lesson plan, I would draw. I would even send kids to the principal's office. I did not play. I got down. What I can tell you is that I am a planner and an organizer. I'm good at researching and providing information. Anything I do, has to make sense. A natural born strategic. With strategy comes creativity and I do not lack the artistic craft. When I was in grade school, we would do group work. I ALWAYS had the best handwriting so I was faithfully chosen to write or draw. This led me to TGP. I begin The Group Project as your graphic designer. Though I am well versed in all areas of branding, I am looking for my team, my group to get the job done. The project (client), the planner, the designer, the content creator, and the mentor. We are better when we work together."

In the future, TGP will be the connect. We want to be a production studio where anyone can come and leave with more than they came. We will have the resources, the community, the direction, the access to funds, access to opportunity. We will do outreach, we will give back, we will host events, we will travel. If you don't believe in yourself, we do! Our dream, is to support your dream.

Let's collaborate!

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